Caring for Animals: Maxine’s Dash for Freedom

This video illustrates an Animal Care Ethic, specifically, how we can come to build an ethic for nonhuman animals based off of our one -on-one interactions with them and listening to them. That is, we need not always apply abstract moral principles to govern our interactions with nonhuman animals: we can use body language, eye movement, facial expressions, and so forth to determine how we should act toward nonhuman animals. We can pay attention, listen to, and care about what animals are telling us. We can then use our moral imagination to extend our care for creatures who are immediately present to others who are not present. Try to listen to Maxine and care about what she is telling us. How is she communicating with us? What body signs/facial expressions/eye contact is she using? What is she telling us? How can we extrapolate our interaction with Maxine to the other animals used in agriculture? What moral conclusions can we draw from using this method?


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